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About me

 When one needs to talk about his life, he should go back in time. Then, he will realise the speed of change of everything around him. He will notice that time leaves inedible marks and that in most occasions it makes people wiser through the multiple experiences which inevitably come alive through it.

Theodore was born in Athens in 1973 and grew up in Ioannina up until adolescence. I remember well a boy around 17 and his concerns about life.


 Confused about which professional path he should choose, but also with a profound creative talent. He would spend his time tinkering around his small, improvised workshop which was also the reason that made him study mechanical engineering, when the opportunity arose. As a student at university, he remained restless and irreconcilable. We were neither sure nor fulfilled with the subject of his studies. His worries would soon be proved justified.  In the beginning of 1990’s, a family restaurant was established which touched him deep inside and from thereafter, nothing was the same.


 He entered the realm of the kitchen which fascinated him despite its adversities. As years went by, his desire for knowledge and his initially theoretical completion brings him at the doorstep of the School of Tourist Professions in Anavissos from which he graduated. What came after was rich in creative initiatives! Restaurants and hotel kitchens of various levels had always something to offer. Experience! A trip as such never was and never shall be an easy one. Grudge, envy and reward were the costars.  The relentless passage of time and the overwhelming concerns both of daily routine and of life matters, made him redefine and seek out the true essence in his life.

 An athlete since childhood, champion during his teenage years in a difficult sport like those which shape one's personality as he describes it. An oarsman back then, always an unrepentant lover of sports.

There are some moments that the inner voice of people finds a way out and is transformed into action and reaction. That is precisely what happened. And it is just then that emotions collide with voices from the past, forgotten images, desire for creation, the need for personal fulfillment and course re-setting.  At that very moment, you virtually come to terms with your real self. Somehow, that’s the way the desire for a change of his course was born. Here he will share with you his own perspective about cooking: generally easy, but without restrictions as creativity is all about emotions.

 Love, Eros, happiness and sadness may leave their marks on it. Today, if you ask him about his goals, I am sure that he will reply that they are to turn cooking into a game, just as he imagined it since his first years in the kitchens.

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